anand g naik

BoredBees Tech Solutions India (P) Ltd. supplies the clients with extensive variety of noteworthy healthcare applications, tech solutions and other services. This organization was established in 2011 by Anand G Naik who began his first Entrepreneurial endeavor at a young age of 17 soon after finishing his schooling education. With no foundation of entrepreneurial legacy, he founded the organization with just two workers and today it is a group of 50 tech wizards working from three different locations. This young businessman has tasted success at a very young age and he is determined to expand his business to achieve new levels of success. He has additionally been honored with the Young Entrepreneur 2013 award by Ratan Tata and Narayan Murthy at the TiECON Hubli Chapter.

Boredbees tech solutions founded by Mr Naik is named as top 20 mot promising IT Companies in India and is one of the fastest growing IT Company in India . He is well know for encouraging and guiding youngsters to take up entrepreneurship . With experience of teaching more than 10000 students in various domain he is well known image among youngster . heading a team of more than 100 employee he is responsible for aggressive growth of IT in north Karnataka.


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